Hi!  We’re the Johnson-Lopez family.  We are on sabbatical and created this blog to share our adventures with those we care about and who care about us.  Of course, anyone is welcome to check it out.

After 9 years pastoring a church outside of Boston, Fellowship Bible Church, we’re taking a step back to reconnect and regain our bearings.  Our hope is that everyone who comes here will get a sense of the adventure we’re having in England, continental Europe, and Canada.  We also hope you can see the importance of rest for your family.

We’re calling this “Jumping In Puddles” because, as Sonia noticed, we often get so caught up in our work and routine that we forget to live life to the fullest and take in the JOY that God has offered us.  The image that most resonated with on about this idea was kids who love jumping in puddles just because, with no thoughts about getting clothes dirty and tracking water in the house.   Sometimes, we just need to go for it.  So we’re going jumping in puddles.


This is our family.

Stephen – I’m a pastor and proud father of these three girls.  I am an interesting person and you will love hearing more about me 😉

Sonia – I’m a homeschooling mom and this trip has been a lifelong dream – one I thought might never happen.  I’m thankful that God allowed us to take this trip.

Ester – I’m 11 years old.  I love to read, bake, sing, draw, and dance.  The thing I’m looking forward to the most is seeing new places – that I’ve only seen in pictures – with my own eyes.  I can’t wait to experience new cultures.

Sarah – I’m 10 years old, and I love to draw, read, climb, and ride my bike.  I’m excited about seeing new places and experiencing new things.  I can’t wait to see the Eiffel Tower.  I love God and my church (and I’m going to miss the church a lot).

Hannah – I’m 9 years old.  I like listening to stories and I have 2 favorite dolls – Pooh Bear and Abigail.  I’m also eager to experience something new.  The thing I’m most excited about is the Alps and hiking in the mountains.